Drakenberg Sjölin 


Drakenberg Sjölin is a Swedish jewelry brand whose jewelry is designed to capture the raw elegance that exists in nature and the environment we live in. They want their jewelry to remind you of the beauty of our surroundings - everywhere and everyday.

Drakenberg Sjölin started in 2007 and has grown and become a strong player on the in the market. Sensibar helps Drakenberg Sjölin with strategic branding with a purpose to strengthen the brand's personality in the digital channels as well as in the offline stores.

Through workshops, strategies and tactics we have developed an action plan for how Drakenberg Sjölin creates a unified and strong brand experience no matter in what channel they meet their customers. 

  • Strategic branding

  • Social media strategy

  • Digital marketing

  • Omni Channel

Link to their websitewww.drakebergsjolin.com