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Sensibar is a branding and digital agency using carefully crafted design to create effectful customer experiences. We deliver great customer-centric strategy and design that builds trust, increases sales, and shapes messages worth remembering – a great story appeals to both head and heart. With ambitious, curious, and passionate minds we help you grow, show and strengthen your brand.

Brand & Digital Strategy

To reach your goals we help you define why you exist, what value you offer and find ways how to get there. Based on well-chosen strategies we work thoroughly with the customer in focus. We create an understanding of your target groups and how they interact with your brand, for your brand in general, websites and social media.

Brand Identity

A strong brand aligns with the overall vision and business objectives. Our process begins with strategic thinking and ends with smart and impactful design solutions that make you stand out in the crowd.

Websites & Digital platforms (UX/UI)

In a competitive and fast-moving world one of the most important touch points with your clients is your website. We construct customer-centric design based on user behaviour, wants and needs, creating effectful customer experiences that convert. Our team of strategists, developers, and digital designers build websites and platforms from the ground up.

Product Packaging

Great packaging stands out on the shelf, in the webshop and when delivered to your clients’ homes. To achieve that we create creative and unique packaging that tells a story.

Interactive & Phygital experiences

Our digital production team creates unique interactive experiences with seamless connections between the physical and the digital world.

Film, Animation & 3D

Even a small masterpiece can create a great impact. Our team of producers, photographers, 3D and motion designers creates viral-friendly video content to help spread your story.

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